Steven Spielberg’s ‘The Fabelmans’ new poster released

The semi-autobiographical picture will make its world premiere at the Toronto Film Festival before opening across the country over the Thanksgiving holiday. From the appearance of this new poster, a young Steven Spielberg appears to be on the path to becoming a Hollywood movie star.

The character is depicted in silhouette walking down a cobblestone street in the poster, which was released on Wednesday. Above them, a massive sign reading “Stage 25” is visible.

There are many sequences from The Fabelmans in the backdrop, including Mitzi Fabelman as played by Michelle Williams, Burt Fabelman as played by Paul Dano, Bennie Loewy as played by Seth Rogen, and Sammy Fabelman as played by Gabriel LaBelle while holding a camera.

LaBelle plays an aspiring young filmmaker

Spielberg’s early years and his connection with his parents are modelled somewhat on the coming-of-age film. LaBelle portrays a budding young director. Williams plays the part of Spielberg’s mother, and Dano plays the part of his father. In his role, Rogen is an uncle.

The semi-autobiographical film’s world premiere at the Toronto Film Festival, where Spielberg will attend a special screening, will be preceded by the release of the poster, which offers scant insights on how the characters fit into the story.

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