Chicago Med Season 8 Spoilers: How long till April returns?

There were several significant moments in the Chicago Med season 8 premier last night! One was still slightly above the others, though. Of course, we’re referring to Yaya DaCosta’s unexpected comeback as April Sexton.

We were expecting to get a chance to see the character again after her time on Fox’s Our Kind of People. We’d want to see her spend a little more time with Ethan and perhaps other characters because her initial leaving was so sudden.

The good news is that April will appear to you at least twice more! Co-showrunner Diane Frolov made it clear that DaCosta will appear in three episodes in a recent interview with TV Insider. (It’s not clear if the debut is part of that.)

Some Emotions Involved For Both Parties

Meanwhile, fellow EP Andrew Schneider discussed the process of pitching the return to Yaya in the first place: “When we pitched her the idea of her coming back in a recurring way and interacting with Ethan and resurrecting their relationship, she was very enthusiastic that she wanted to give resolution to that relationship and to honor that character, which she had played for so many years.”

Hopefully, this entire tale will give her and Ethan a chance to improve their lives and find happiness. We are aware that there are still some emotions involved for both parties, and we are really interested in how some situations develop in the limited time they have.

Naturally, we would welcome DaCosta’s return on a full-time basis, but we also understand that she will be in high demand after starring in her own programme. For many performers who don’t reside in Chicago the majority of the year, it’s also a challenging show.

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